Inspection Schedule

Jan 9th Stafford 300 R at 9.00AM Lodge at 10.00

Sunsbury 362 R at 12.00 pm  Lodge at 1.00 pm

Jan.16th Anchor 283 lodge at 11.00AM

Gage and Gavel 448 Dinner at 2.00pm and Lodge at 3.00   

Jan. 30th Irville 184 1.00PM

Dresden 103 dinner 5.00p lodge at 6.00pm

FEB. 6th Lafayette 79 9.00 breakfast  lodge at 10.00

Amity 5   1.00 pm   R

FEB. 13th Olive 9.00AM Breakfast at 9.00AM Lodge at 10.00AM

Hubbard 220 1.00PM R. Lodge at 2.00 PM

FEB. 20th Muskingum 368 3.30 PM R

Malta 118 Dinner at 6.00PM lodge at 7.00 PM

FEB. 27th Sharon 136 R 2.00PM Lodge at 3.00PM

Masterton 429 Dinner at 6.00 PM Lodge at 7.00PM

March 20th Monroe 189 3.00 PM R

Claringtion 597 Dinner at 6.00PM Lodge at 7.00

Moody Awards  on April 10th  Fellow ship at 6.00PM dinner at 7.00PM at Monroe 189 Lodge


Past Masters is on DEC. 5th at MONROE 189 AT 10.00 AM Dinner to be served

Inspection Schedule as we know it as of now.

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